Margarita was recommended to me by a colleague when I moved to the area last year. I was apprehensive because finding a great person to handle your hair needs is critical, and can be a challenge. I thought Margarita was great from the get go. She convinced me to try a different hair color – and she was right, I love it. She does an excellent job, I am happy with my hair, and I like the way she does business with her team. She is also a fabulous person and we have become great friends. I feel fortunate to have found someone so terrific immediately!

I have been Margarita's client for more than 12 years. When she first started styling my hair I was perming it all the time and liked it that way. She wanted me to have a more "stylish" look with my natural straight hair. I really resisted, but have been very happy ever since. The color she uses on my hair is perfect for me and I receive many compliments all the time on my hair. I would not have anyone else as my hair stylist.

As a long-time customer of Margarita's, I am always in awe of the number of other clients who have followed her throughout the county for years. With hair that has needed lots of love and attention, Margarita has been a student of how best to make my color work. She is a women of great charm, warmth, talent and integrity.

I have trusted Margarita as my stylist since I first moved to Central Florida in 1988. Since then, I have relocated twice for business reasons, once to Puerto Rico in 1992 and later to Dallas, Texas in 1995. Each time I returned to Orlando, in 1993 and most recently in 2003, I immediately contacted Margarita. Why search for another stylist when I already know the best in Central Florida? I now live across town from her shop, but I gladly drive 45 minutes from SE Orlando to get to her. Not only do I consider Margarita the most gifted stylist/artist in the area; I am blessed to call her "friend".

Margarita is exceptionally talented in every aspect of her profession. I think the number one thing that stands out is her honesty. She will let you know right away what will work for your hair and what won't. I have never been disappointed in my end results. . . She makes my gray "go away" in such a natural looking way and makes me feel like a youthful blonde! Even at my age, I'm sure some people still ask "Does She . . . or Doesn't She?" !!!

When your husband's secretary recommends making an appointment with her hair dresser then you know your hair looks bad!

I walked into the salon with my 'Strawberry Orange' hair and was greeted warmly by Margarita. She sat me down and boosted my spirits by informing me she could fix my hair color, but had to be honest... it would take a few sessions to cover the orange! Well, Margarita's talent let me walk out of the salon with SIGNIFICANT improvement on the first session! I knew right then she would forever be my hair stylist! Thank you Margarita!

I think I have been going to Margarita for almost 10 years now!! Before that I jumped around from place to place. I never could find anyone I was comfortable with and who could deal with my hair. She does an amazing job on my color. Just the other day a stranger complimented me on how natural the highlights look. Margarita is absolutely the best! And besides that she is warm, friendly, cheerful, smart and spiritual – just an all-around wonderful human being!

I met Margarita 5 years ago when my hairdresser of over 15 years decided to retire. I had an interim experience before meeting her with a preoccupied stylist who fried my hair with a perm which provided me with the ‘dandelion ready to seed’ look. I had heard great things about Margarita from other stylists and decided to give her a challenge and she in turn agreed to take me on. Even though I was thrilled to find someone who had the wisdom and patience to deal with the winning combo of baby fine hair which falls out easily due to stress and is also rapidly turning gray, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I also developed an allergic reaction to both shampoo and hair color – not just hives, but extreme hair loss. Unbelievably, Margarita quickly came up with a solution to each one of those issues all with a sense of humor and smile on her face. My hair is now in good condition, has an easy, good looking cut ,the gray is kept in check and no more hives. I repeatedly tell her that I’ll follow her to the ends of the earth to keep my appointments.