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“My favorite way to achieve long term straight hair is with Keratin treatments or Boards. Most of these treatments take hours, but the hours saved in daily styling are immeasurable. After listening to thousands of clients, there is no service that satisfies more customers than these.” – Margarita


Keratin Treatment

Reduces up to 80% of frizz and curl. Creates long-lasting soft, smooth, shiny hair and is safe to use on bleached or high-lift colored hair (artificial light blonde color). Keratin is the alternative to changing your lifestyle. No need to worry about how your hair will look after swimming – it actually blocks the effects of humidity. Saves time in blow-drying and/or flat ironing your hair straight.

Applied to clean hair and flat ironed to process the complex into the hair strands (give or take a few more processes in between). The use of sulfate-free shampoo is necessary in order to maintain the effects of service. See FAQ for more information on this service.

Timing: 3-5 hrs.
Brand: Coppola Keratin Complex™ Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Service commonly performed prior to the introduction of Keratin treatments.

Product applied to hair as it is sectioned and placed over plastic boards. Restructures hair like a perm, unlike a Keratin treatment which is a “layer” on top of the hair. The use of sulfate-free shampoo is not necessary. Process cannot be shampooed out, it must grow out.

Recommended for: small to medium wavy, frizzy hair, medium to long hair length, and natural or colored hair.


  1. Hair length – boards are heavier than hair and its length, combined with the product, that hold the boards in their place.
  2. Hair condition – good elasticity is necessary for this product to give you good results. For new clients, an elasticity test must be performed at the salon prior to booking an appointment.
  3. Service is not offered to clients with bleached or high-lift colored hair, even if for a few foils.
Timing: 3 hrs.
Brand: Paul Brown™ Hawaii texture control system boards