Schedule a half-hour consultation with Margarita first, with no need to commit to a hair service. Email photos (to contact@margaritanido.com) of cuts you like before your consultation or bring photos/share website images so you can exchange style ideas. Consultation fee is credited to your service once it is performed.

Leave with wet hair or a finished look? It’s your preference, but please understand that many styles require blow drying and styling as part of the completed look.

Wig cutting and styling is done free of charge if established clients experience hair loss due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

How much to cut or not

You might be thinking about getting a new cut or growing out an existing one. Consider the aspects of various cuts. Here are some pros and cons of different lenghts of hair. And remember, the length of your hair when it is dry is how long your hair truly is.

Long length

• Grows past shoulders and can be easily worn in ponytail.

• Upkeep: 4-12 weeks

• Famous long length styles: Farrah Fawcett, Julia Roberts, Kardashians

• Pros: Glamorous, versatile, and luxurious. Get more "beautiful hair" compliments.

• Cons: More time required to dry and style. (A professional, ionic blow-dryer helps reduce drying time and frizz. Consider treatments such as Keratin to change unwanted texture like curls and frizz.)

Medium length

• Falling on the shoulders or above to the neck.

• Upkeep: 4-7 weeks

• Famous medium length styles: Rhianna

• Pros: Perfect if you love styling. Provides length to frame face. Sometimes long enough to pin back. Fullness allows you to conceal dark or grey roots.

• Cons: More styling time required. Not long enough to pull back into a ponytail on a bad hair day or a rushed moment.

Short length

• Length starts at the hairline short and is either layered into a shape or clipped away to the shortest of buzzes.

• Upkeep: 3 to 4 weeks

• Famous short haircuts: Mia Farrow and Emma Watson (pixy), and Victoria Beckham

• Pros: Cute, sassy, sharp, and edgy. Requires little or no brushing. Styling products do most of the finishing work for you.

• Cons: Difficult to foil. Head shape, hair texture, and density come into play more often in short haircuts than other lengths. That’s why the same haircut can look different on everyone.

Find a visual of how much length you would like cut and bring a picture with you or email prior to your appointment. Do not be afraid to ask to see and feel the length after that first snip. You might decide you want to cut off more than you originally thought.