Margarita is an entrepreneur driven by excellence with an eye for beauty, inside and out. After almost a decade in the fast-paced, corporate world of advertising, she chose to follow her creative spirit and reinvent herself. Margarita is currently an award-winning hairstylist and designer/owner of Carat Corp. wholesale diamonds and jewelry.

Hair Design

With more than 25 years of experience in the hair industry, Margarita is considered one of the leading hair colorists/hairdressers in Central Florida. She developed a passion for design excellence during years of competitive hairdressing competitions where she was awarded many honors, including some as state champion. She has trained other stylists who are now renowned in their own right.

Diamonds and Jewelry

Carat Corp was born out of Margarita’s appreciation of diamonds and jewelry – specifically, integrity and design. Her trusted reputation, expert negotiating skills, and widespread network of contacts allow her to share distinctive jewelry designs with her elite clientele. Unlike a jewelry store, Carat Corp serves as an exclusive source of gem-quality diamonds at international wholesale prices as well as exquisite jewelry.


Margarita’s professional accomplishments and life experiences have now allowed her to share her wellness approach to life – coaching many and helping them reach new levels of wellness. Through her work and service, she chooses to be a physical and spiritual example of integrity, excellence, and honor as she meets and exceeds the expectations of each of her clients.